Open Air Theatre at Cawdor Castle - Cawdor Castle - A five star visitor attraction near Nairn in the Scottish Highlands.

Open Air Theatre at Cawdor Castle


2022 Open Air Theatre announced for Cawdor Castle

Loved and celebrated by audiences for over 10 years, Cawdor Castle provides the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable evening of relaxed theatre.

This year the program will include The Gunpowder Plot, The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny, Jane Eyre and Shakespeare’s 12th Night.

Kicking off the season on 3rd July will be Three Inch Fools’ who will return to Cawdor Castle with a riotous summer adventure fit for all the family: the infamous tale of The Gunpowder Plot. Beneath the Major Oak, this troupe of players gather to tell the story of Britain’s best-known history stories. The only problem is: no one can quite remember the story! As the actors each battle to tell their own version of the legendary tale the audience are treated to a delightfully calamitous evening of wildly inventive storytelling and music-making.

If you are making plans for the summer holidays why not come along on Thursday 7th July where Quantum Theatre will present an enchanting adaptation of two of Beatrix Potter’s most popular tales —The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny. Join Peter and Benjamin on their hair-raising adventures in Michael Whitmore’s delightful new adaptation for young and old alike.

In August, Heartbreak Productions will present an original adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s classic, Jane Eyre. Complete with astounding acrobats, jaw-dropping jugglers, and a very special guest – the death-defying escape artist Jane Eyre. Watch her wriggle out of five different tight corners, including everyone’s greatest fear – fire! Harrowing at times and heart-warming at others, Cawdor Castle will provide the perfect backdrop for this romantic tale.

Finally, to close the season will be HandleBards; cycling Shakespearean actors who carry their full set, props and costumes on the back of their bikes whilst they tour Shakespeare plays across the UK. The HandleBards will be performing with us on 21st August for a bicycle-powered, laugh – out – loud production of Shakespeare’s ‘12th Night’.

Last year we introduced pre – theatre street food which proved incredibly popular. We are delighted to announce pre – theatre street food will return this summer. This year we have Oregano Catering and Blazin’ Pizza joining us. So make sure you pop down early to enjoy what’s on the menu for a relaxed evening of outdoor theatre. There really is something for everyone to enjoy this summer at Cawdor Castle.

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  • Sunday 3rd July – The Gunpowder Plot 7pm
  • Thursday 7th July – The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny 6.30pm
  • Wednesday 3rd August – Jane Eyre 7pm
  • Sunday 21st August – 12th Night 7pm
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