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Cawdor Gardens
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Cawdor Gardens
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Cawdor is fortunate to have three gardens. The Walled Garden is the oldest and dates from c.1600 and later became a kitchen garden. The Flower Garden was laid out some 100 years later and was originally designed for enjoyment in late summer and autumn. However this garden's season has been extended to give pleasure from early spring, with bulbs, bedding plants, herbaceous borders, ornamental trees and shrubs all providing delight. The Wild Garden is the youngest, being planted in the 1960's and lies between the Castle and the stream of the Cawdor Burn.
The Flower Garden - an aerial view


Vistors express surprise that the gardens grow so well, situated as Cawdor is, in a latitude that is geographically north of Moscow, although politically somewhat to the right. The answer is a combination of reasons: the soil is fertile; the climate is tempered by the Gulf stream; the rain-fall, at around 625mm (24 inches) is well distributed through the year; at midsummer there can be 18 hours of sunshine daily; and of course, not least, there is head gardener, Mr. Derek Hosie who is quite excellent. Like good cooks, good gardeners are temperamental people and this seems always to have been the case; it is set down that as long ago as 1679 that a new gardener having agreed to come to Cawdor, suddenly refused to go north 'on any account.' Perhaps he thought of the winters.

Volunteers required to work in Cawdor Castle Gardens. A keen interest in horticulture would be an advantage. For further information please send us your details via the contact page.

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